How to bring green from the forest into the home

Green is a mix of yellow and blue and symbolises life, nature, balance and prosperity.

Green is the most versatile colour and sits really nicely with so many other colours including pink, yellow, blue, brown, red, purple and orange…

When considering the green of the forest it is helpful to divide this into seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The light in the room and the direction of the sun can relate to these seasons and therefore the colours have been selected accordingly.

There are no hard and fast rules, but dividing the forest into seasons really helps to direct the design. Choosing the right paint is also important, a matt finish can absorb light while selecting a higher sheen can borrow light and create reflections.

The light in the forest varies throughout the day, creates shadows, warm and cool spots and brings colour alive, just as it does in the home.

A key trend has been recommended for each season, these are pattern and panelling, detailing, contrasting ceilings and sustainability.

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