Why hire an Interior Designer?

A good interior designer will save you time and money. Using our expertise will ensure that you ultimately save money on trade discounts, minimise costly mistakes and maximise your property value.

Stress and time are greatly reduced because we only work with the most skilful personel. Therefore tasks are completed in the right order at the right time and to the highest of standards.

Budgeting and planning are also essential components in the design process. Providing you with a detailed scope of work and finish schedule so that you are able to budget and plan effectively.

With our skills and a trained eye the design process should be fun and exciting, driven by the shared goal for the best design outcomes possible.

Louisa Jane Interiors


Which package to choose?

We do offer a design only service. This includes the consultation, brief, concepts and designs but then leaves you to obtain quotes and move to the implementation phase in your own time. If you know the trades you require or are happy to go it alone this package would be perfect for you.

At 20% of the labour costs we can implement the designs for you with our reliable team of trades taking much of the stress out of the process. We can ensure there are no unnecessary delays and that the work is carried out to a high standard. We will be on site to ensure all the designs are implemented according to the plans and be there if something does go wrong.


The Process

The online client brief is completed with as much detail as possible, including likes and dislikes, taste & preferences.

This is where we develop the brief. We create a shared vision for the space, based on your individual needs and desires.


A presentation including layout, floorplan, fixtures and furnishings will be offered with mood boards, colour scheme and all the details needed to complete the brief. The concept phase can take another appointment to finalise the details..

We have experienced, reliable and trustworthy trades that we work with day in and day out. We are committed to working to budgets and always strive to deliver the best prices possible.

This is the construction phase of the project. We will happily project manage this phase to ensure everything is carried out in the right order at the right time and to the highest standard.

The Furnishings are added, window dressings, rugs, wall hangings, styling and photographs.



While we always work to obtain the best price for our clients we do not want to act as a sales person or limit your retail choices. Where discounts are available we would always share these with you.

While we can offer a good estimate of costings, it is often impossible to give an exact figure. During the implementation phase you will uncover things that could not have been predicted and that invariably cost more than anticipated. For example faulty electrical wiring, a pipe in the wrong place, the sub floor is in poor condition, or you might simply want a more expensive material than was originally quoted for. While we work tirelessly to obtain the best prices we would always recommend reserving 10 – 20% to be on the safe side.

We will take a lot of the stress out of the process for you but we can not guarantee that problems won’t arise. While we have lots of experience no two houses are the same and with all the planning in the world we still come across problems.There are always solutions to these problems and with a reliable and experienced team behind us we can always find a way…



Please do let us know what is an acceptable method of communication for you. Should we create a what’s app group or email – what are your preferences?
We would ask that you only contact us within working hours unless we have made a prior arrangement to work Sunday or it is an emergency.
Thank you for your consideration..

Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm
Saturday – 10am – 5pm
Sunday by prior appointment

Project managment
During the project management phase it is advisable to schedule meetings at least once a week. While most decisions will have been made in advance there will be things that crop up that we will need to be discussed …


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