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Our Approach

Established in 2018 Louisa Jane Interiors is a leading interior design Studio based in St Margaret’s, serving London and the surrounding counties. We offer a personalised approach to interior design and what sets us apart is we genuinely care about each and every project.

“We create spaces that are elegant and refined, effortlessly mixing old and new we elevate spaces to bring a timeless and harmonious appeal. ”

Louisa Jane Interiors turn houses into homes. Adding character, charm and harmony, our interiors are purposeful, peaceful and perfectly balanced to truly reflect those that occupy them.

Our ethos

While it is essential to look at the practicality and functionality we also consider the atmosphere and balance of each space with equal measure. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and we tailor every aspect of the design to suit our clients personal needs. 

In essence if you feel happy, comfortable and content in your environment this will have a positive effect on all the other elements in your life. 

“We create spaces that are purposeful, enjoyable and that compliment your narrative, for the way you live or want to live”

Our guiding principles are maximising the function and purpose of each space for those that inhabit it. With an emphasis on layered and harmonious colour schemes that enhance the properties key features to bring depth and contrast. A tailored approach that feels effortless, we design spaces that connect and excite the senses. Balancing flow and harmony, repetition and movement we expertly guide you on your journey to your perfect interior. 

Our clients

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, we genuinely care about each and every project and fully invest in delivering the best design outcome possible tailored to you.

We consider the space, the building and history, the environment and its location and most importantly its occupants. We tailor the design to you so it fits perfectly with the way you want live. Our approach ensures that while we give purpose to a space we are making a house your home.

Our services

From finishing touches to full scale renovations LJI’s can help you get the best design outcome tailored to you. We specialise in elegant and timeless interiors using only quality craftsman ship that withstands the test of time.

From kitchen & bathroom renovations to window dressings and colour schemes each element of the design process is carefully considered and personalised for you.

Our craft

Working with only the most skilled & professional crafts men & women we deliver to the highest standard while ensuring each and every design detail is included.

Your design will have all the warmth & character it needs to truly reflect your style and personality. The details make a house a home and we always invest in these elements with equal measure.


Where function and form meets elegance, sophistication, and wonder. Our projects are bespoke, tailored and layered to truly reflect the style and personality of those that inhabit them.

We create homes that that are enticing, adding warmth and meaning to bring spaces to life.

Timeless Interior Twickenham

The inspired home works cohesively as a whole, conscientiously blending colour form and function. Achieving balance and harmony by repeating elements we create movement and flow throughout the home.

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