The Honest Home In Chiswick


The Honest Home In Chiswick

The honest home that is allowed to breathe, a relaxed space with a nod to nature & sustainability.
The brief was to create a warm and colourful home rooted in nature and the great outdoors. It needed to be colourful, woody and atmospheric.

In the bedroom we used a large flower pattern in a lotus print to suit the proportions of the room, connecting the space by adding a complementary border to the adjoining walls. With a play on scale and colour the space becomes energised and inviting, not too stuffy or formal.

The bathroom wanted to be grounded with a sense of belonging. We wanted to ensure there is flow and movement throughout the property. Adding wood in the bathroom and texture on the floor brings warmth and a sense of the forest. To create light and air but softening the edges we introduced plants and accent lighting to create a restful and cohesive space.

Continuing the nature theme into the kitchen with warm greens and wooden wall lights and fixtures. Although the kitchen is brand new there’s a sense of timelessness, as though it has been there forever.

There seems to be tranquillity here, life is peaceful, relaxing and warm.

Inspired by nature ..

Woodland flowers, Organic textures and a kaleidoscope of greens creating an energised and lively interior

An unconventional approach in a bathroom – brings warmth and texture to soften the edges and create a layering effect.


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