Are Ceilings overlooked?

Lets Talk about Ceilings.. 

Ceilings are such an important element of any space and decorating these is one of our signature moves.

 Playing  with the proportions of the room,  by decorating the ceiling, can be a fun way to introduce colour and texture,  or simply highlight original features and decorative details. 

Ceilings have the power to close in a room or elevate it; too often  blank spaces that are forgotten and neglected  can ruin  even the most beautiful of  designs.  Ceilings can serve as a focal point or be used to connect elements on the ground. They can add or take away light and be used  as a frame or  zone different areas within a space. 

Ceilings can be blankets of warmth that wrap around you or wide open spaces that are uplifting and energising. 

The ‘fifth wall’ is a key feature within any  design, so why not  maximise it to its fullest potential. 


Colour Drenching 

There is a general misconception that painting a ceiling white will make a room feel lighter and brighter. Painting a ceiling white can actually make a space feel smaller, giving the ceiling edges draws the eye to this, highlighting all the lines  and angles. For example,taking  a  loft space where there isn’t much height and  painting the ceiling white with all the different shapes and angles will simply make them stand out. 

Colour drenching is a great way to lift a space allowing the focal points to be the key elements in the room not the angles in the ceiling. Another time to really consider colour drenching is when there’s lots of doors or windows and its very busy colour drenching can really dial this back making it feel more peaceful and connected. 

Tonal Ceilings 

Adding a single stripe on the ceiling here is a clever move. With just a small detail it really connects the other elements within the room. This gently elevates the design and creates repetition. 

Another design detail  is to paint the coving or cornacing and ceiling roses in a contrasting hue. With high ceilings this can really bring the design together, making that connection with the ground. 

Painting the ceiling darker than the walls and taking this to either the coving or the picture rail is a fun way to bring contrast and colour without being overwhelming. Consider flipping the room with the darker colour on the ceiling and the white on the walls for a fun play with colour. 


Patterned Ceilings 

For our love of stripes why not paint them in the ceiling?

Stripes can be used to change the proportions of the space. Horizontal stripes will make a space wider, while vertical stripes can make the space longer. 

Other patterns can also be used on the ceilings from florals and insects to animals and plants. 

Making the ceiling the focal point with texture or pattern is a brilliant play on design and can create just enough depth without making the lower half too heavy and busy. 


Glossy Ceilings 

When there is little natural light this is a great way to add light and reflection to a space. A glossy ceiling will make. space lighter and brighter and add movement. 

High gloss ceilings are a statement and will draw the eye to it so make sure your ceiling is what needs to stand out. Great in a low light hallway with high ceilings or in a grand dinning room. 

Using gloss in other areas can also be used as an accent piece to highlight period features or beams. 

Colourful Ceilings 

Adding colour on the ceiling can be quite soothing. Making the space feel more cosy and warm. Depending on the scale and proportions of the room bringing colour to the ceiling can really compliment the design creating a more cohesive space. 

Its worth bearing in mind that the colour on the ceiling will look darker than on the walls as there’s less light here. 

Play with finishes, texture, glossy or matt these will make. huge difference to the atmosphere and feel of the space. 


Ceilings can make or break a design. As an accent or feature  they can be  striking and bold or they can be used to compliment and blend the design from the ground up. Marrying tones and hues for a cohesive and balance finish. Ceilings can bring visual interest, define spaces and elevate a space.


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