New Home In Kingston Upon Thames


New Home In Kingston Upon Thames

An inspired home works cohesively as a whole, conscientiously blending form & texture to achieve flow and balance throughout.

A brand new home in Kingston gave us the opportunity to completely tailor the design to our clients style and wishes. We played up the lighting throughout this design, creating layers of light. Using ambient, task and accent lighting gives every fixture purpose and offers warmth and movement. Carefully considered lighting ensures that whatever the mood or time in space the atmosphere is just right. The table lamps are on a remote control so no need to worry about cables. Adding LED lights on the oak shelves create depth to the space and a wonderful warm glow.

A three sided fireplace, picture TV and oak shelving serve as a focal point adding warmth and contrast to the space. The overall mood is peaceful and tranquil and oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of the streets outside.

The complimentary bathroom with coordinating colours team up with the veins in the marble. Painting the entire room the same colour ensures there’s no sharp edges and that the eyes rest in all the right places. A welcome contrast is introduced with the various shapes and sizes of the tiles, black fixtures and carefully considered lighting.

“A calming interior made up of subtle complexities and layers to create a tranquil space"


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