Home Staging

Home Staging ensures you get the quickest sale at  the highest current market price for your property.
The longer a house stays on the market the further the price will drop and the less interest it will attract. Home Staging offers a quick and cost effective way to ensure your listing stands out, sells quickly and that the return on your investment is maximised. 
The Evidence.........
A staged house sells for c. 6% over the asking price (Coldwell Banker US Study).
If your getting people through the door but no offers on the table then its likely that your property is priced correctly but presentation may be an issue (Aldridge & McDowell).
A staged house sells twice as quickly as a non staged house (Coldwell Banker) and often a lot faster than that.
The longer a house stays on the market the further the price will drop (National Association of real Estate Agents)
With over 90% of buyers searching on line first a staged house will stand out against the competition (Imogen Brown)
The way you live in your home and they way you sell your house are two very different things (Bob Schwarz)
  1. Why Home Stage?
    Home buyers are busy people, expectations are high and so are London house prices. Buyers want to be 'wowed' when they walk in to a property, to be able to visualise and imagine themselves in that property without distractions from clutter and too much personality. Home Staging will ensure your property is looking and feeling its best for sale, to attract the potential buyer quickly and at the best price.
  2. What to expect
    Home staging begins with a consultation and review of the property, A detailed report is given, this includes suggestions that can be made to quickly and cost effectively enhance your property for sale. At this point you may want to carry out the recommendations, or on your behalf I will implement these changes quickly and professionally to ensure a stress free and timely transistion to the market.
  3. Pricing
    An intitial consultation fee ranges between £150- £250 depending on the size of the property. This includes a written proposal that either you can take forward or I can complete on your behalf. I can achieve a great deal within a short time frame, thus ensuring your property is on the market as soon as possible.
  4. About me
    As an interior designer I am passionate about property and interiors. I am organised, professional and work well within given time frames and budgets. Having lived in the local area for more that ten years I have a good insight in to the market and what attracts potential buyers to this area.