St Margarets, TW1

This elevated home has been taken up another level. Removing alcove storage rather than added, carefully crafted cabinetry, playing with form and adding texture in materials & upholstery throughout.

Having just moved in the owners of No 45 wanted to make their house their own. To give each space personality while considering the functionality and purpose within. Coupled with the desire for warmth, character and comfort. The brief was very much to make their house their own. To truly reflect the way they live with carefully considered detailing and finished with beautiful details. We wanted to play to the houses strengths with its incredible period features. The tall ceiling, beautiful coving, open fire and bay window. The alcove storage wasn’t quite right as it drew your eye in thus making the room feel smaller, less inviting. Removing them gives more depth & creates the feeling of space. Lighting was a key element that was introduced to create ambience and warmth. Adding ceiling roses, and statement lighting to create movement and harmony. Painting the coving and ceilings  a darker hue created  balance  and gave the ceiling a sense of graciousness. The bay window was brought to life with a contemporary window seat, elongating the window bringing with it a sense of purpose. 

Adding a dressing table in the bedroom gave a boring corner of the room a new lease of life, adding a luxurious and inviting focal point, brimming with personality. Introducing plants breathes oxygen and energy into  the space, incorporating these into the design  to create balance and movement.