Kensington W8

A layered home that builds interest through various elements incorporated in to the design. the brass finishes, the cafe nets, the wall lights bouncing a warm glow about the space & meandering marble all bringing depth & warmth to the kitchen.

At No 15 our clients did not  want a galley kitchen so we blocked the existing entrance and added double doors further along. This was a complete game changer. The kitchen became deeper and more functional making use o  the narrow sides with cabinetry rather Tham the two longer sides. It means two or more people can be in the kitchen at the same time!
 We opted to painted the ceiling as well as the walls in the exact colour as the cabinets. This made sure the space was soft and restful without any sharp edges or harsh contrasting textures. 

The bathroom was in need of modernisation but we wanted to create something that was warm and inviting. To have fun with colour and complement the other spaces by continuing the marble and green hues. The result is elegant and harmonious.

Meandaring marble, Belfast sink & cafe nets on brass poles bring this design to life.
changing the entrance to the kitchen & adding double doors made the space so much more functional
Plants breathe life and energy into a room
skilfully crafted wine rack to make use of every nook
A contrasting space to awaken the senses mixing old with new
In the mirror you can just the see the scallop edge detail
Continuing with the marble for reemerging patterns and themes